Double Trouble


You might as well say that I have an interesting life. Let me tell you my story before the big surprise that had happened ten months ago:

I WAS an only child with my mom and dad as a happy family! We wanted somebody else in my family because everybody was VERY lonely.  We all prayed for someone to come….like a baby brother or sister for me. We prayed and prayed and then ten months later BAM!! Two baby boys coming to our family! You might as well as say ” yay”! That is what I had said and was I happy!!

Yes.. Then the months flew by with sleepless nights and we were having some issues but we got over it.. And now is the time when they can crawl, climb, bite, chew, and stand on everything and on almost everyone….Especially me and my family! I am here to write about this life style and of how our life is like now….and let me tell you: there are some MAJOR CHANGES!!!!  Come and tag along as my family and I travel through the rest of my siblings life!




14 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. now i want younger bros instead of an older one. wanna trade???? jk i wish u were in my class cant wait to see u 2morrow at skool!!!!!! =]

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