Just a regular BABY LIKE day…

Yes this is just a regular day for me… Babies crying, eating, Yo Gabba Gabba on the tv.. And yes, my baby brothers love that show…. Everything is just as normal as it can be… For you you might as well say ‘hey! This ain’t normal!!’ but for this is.. The difference from my old life to my new life is the fact that I have to hear crying every single morning… At like 6:45 in the morning.. And that is very normal….. So for people who sleep late.. Watch out for babies crying next to your room and waking you up!!!;)


10 thoughts on “Just a regular BABY LIKE day…

  1. Oh my god that show. This little girl was watching it while we were playing a game of dodgepillow. It freaked my cousins, my friends and myself out! How can kids watch this junk?

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