Regular gym class at school.

Yeah I really had a normal day at school today and some roads got flooding because of hurricane lee. People who have some type of problem because if this I am really sorry and hope that everything is okay.. Anyway I still had school and ended the day with gym class. We have two gym teachers now and the new gym teacher is funny like the other one.. But maybe even more funny!;) Anyway we played some type of game and we get these point things meaning we are good..if you get all of the points by the end of the school year we get some special treat! And today a kid made us loose a point.:( but then at the end we got our point back because we were really good at cleaning up the whole gym..:) nothing that much special but I think that if you were at my gym class there were some actual funny things but I don’t remember them right now bec-

Me: did someone turn the tv off???????? *staring at baby boys*

Babies: eeeeehhhhahhhhhdddiiiiiiddddiiii!!!! * screaming and baby Talking*

Ugh let me solve this.. Bye!!!


4 thoughts on “Regular gym class at school.

  1. Fun! I am soo lucky I don’t have the evil teacher, Mrs. Quinn. And guess who I saw…BRANDON M AND KYLER! I was like crap and quickly went to my locker with my bud when I saw kyler


    Also, what should I call the blog? Kims karate buds, crazies forever, Karate girls or something else.

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