Homwork is eating me!!!!

I am going crazy!!!! Homework!!!!!! Okay:
Today’s list:
1. Homework , is really eating my brain because of school!!!! 😦
2. I have a project to do.
3. I am watching tv.
4. I have nothing else to say. Oh my gosh!! A ghost!!!! (inside joke between the people at my library table at school!);)
Nothing much to say but I will write more!! ICE CREAM RULES!
Crazy girl out!!


4 thoughts on “Homwork is eating me!!!!

  1. Homework. Great. :/.

    Ice cream rocks.

    I am having soo much fun learning Spanish! My spanish name is Augstina!

    Hey, where are your emails gurl and comments? Have you gotten to cool for your old sister? Hmmmph. :/. (xDD LOL.)

    • Sorry!!!!!! I am so busy with homework!!! We already Have to complete at least three projects and we had to go to places for some reason I will mention later .. But I will be writing on my email and on your blog it is just that I am super busy!!! But don’t worry I am till your sister!! Gtg! Bye!

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