Today I just realised that I was being bullied bu a guys named scott in my grade. He and his “gang” really bother everyone. Everyone thinks that he is cool, but he isn’t. today he and his friends were bothering a special student. I mean this kid can’t help it is just the way he is. My friend trinity was trying to defend the poor guy. Then I was involved. I was telling them to stop it and that he  can’t help it. Scott was like, why try defend your self, because you are weak. And stuff like that. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I exploded! I shoved this guy named Andrew against the bus wall, and then tried whacking scott with my lunch box. Andrew gave up. Scott said that I was stupid, and yeah. So then when I got to my seat, then they start laughing at me. I just wanted to punch them min the face and show them my karate moves. besides, scott has been to my karate camp for a couple of the weeks, so he should know how camp is like. Looks like he thought that it was a joke, but no! then when I went home I was crying like mad!!! yes I do cry! and I got over it. but if this happens again I will really punch him. 😉

Well today i signed up for art helpers! :)! but i started a little late, but i may catch up!!!

Got to go!



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