A “loose” day

Hey peoplez!

Today i lost my tooth. I AM LIKE TOOTHLESS!!!


Anyway, today Trinity and i went to school together, cuz we are like best buds…


Trin and I walk to school and guidance helpers was O.K.

Then i got to my classroom and started with social studies.

Social Studies:

Nothing much in social studies, a regular day.


Well today our projects were do, and we were supposed to comment on each other’s projects. Mine got the most comments! 🙂

Then when I went to get my project some of the sticky notes fell of and my friend screamed on the top of her lungs and was like: OMG!!!! THE STICKY NOTES FELL!!!!!!

Everybody was laughing their heads off cause of that!

Reading and Language Arts:

I lost my tooth right before class!!! i was ssooo happy!

I don’t know why!

Now i got to study!


♥ Sista ♥


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