The name game!

Okay.. So lets skip all of my day till reading and viola!


There is a guy named Ben G. in my class. We have known eachother since the first grade, and yesterday we found out that he was calling me Purva! Not A-Purva!

Okay , no big deal! but appartently he maks a big deal out of it! 🙂 FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO CARES!! 😉

Then i remembered that in the second grade, i would call him Bengy!

Get it? Bengy? BenG?

Anyway so we started to call eachother that! Except we strat laughing when we call eachothet that!

So today i was being called on to answer a question, and he was like : ” come on, Purva!”

And i was like ” Shush! BENGY!!!!” XDDDD

HAHAHA! i think that it is funny, do you?

I guess that trinity will kill me cause of that!

To trinity:

Sorry, but hey, he ain’t with me!

Now to viola!


My friend Grace and i went to viola with these other people too.

a girl name Hanna was like: ” do you guys have any type of experience?”

Me and Grace: ” no…..”

Me: ” How many years have you been playing?”

Hanna: ” 2″

HA! big deal…but whateves

So then we went to class and i sat next to Hanna.:/

her bow was right next to my face! i thought that she would poke my eye out!!!!!!

but i did batter than i thought!

And i was in a hurry, but did good!

that made no sense!


but hold up!

Please comment in my blog and i will reply!

see ya!

🙂 Sister 🙂




One thought on “The name game!

  1. Wow. I always call people nicknames. People also are like “HEY RANDY!” I call this guy “Wanita.” And hd runs away from me. I LOVE nicknames.

    Stupid people who think they are better than everyone else. TT-TT.

    Hey, you got that from me(: You are taking after YOURS TRULY. <333. So honored. <333. *cries*

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