My trip!

Sorry! i havent wrote anything because i was SUPER BUSY!

Well here was my trip!


I am in the car going to Pennsylvania! My  dad is driving the car, mom is chilling, and my baby brothers and i are chilling the back! LALALAL! * four hours later*

We are here! we are at our destination and go to a motel to stay in for the night. We go to a restaurant to eat delicious food, and have a fun dinner!

Then it is time to hit the bed!

we go to sleep with a hard night because my baby brothers are waking up a lot!

Then it is Sunday:

We all get ready and my cousin meets us at the motel!

Then we all eat breakfast, and get ready to go to the traditional thing.

We all are at our destination, and we go and just chill until we are called to do the traditional stuff.

My baby brothers are getting a hair cut!

Then my cousin and i are eating ice cream and chilling, again!

Then we find out that my baby brothers are bald!

0.0 !

Then we were eating food at a restaurant again!

Then it was time to go home! 😦

On the way back home, it was snowing! in October!

Cool right?

Than we reach home all tired, and went to sleep!


talk to ya later!


🙂 sister 🙂


5 thoughts on “My trip!

  1. Nice girly? Wow Purva? xDD.

    It is O.K.

    Aw. Darn. Sorry, about your long night. At least perhaps the motel was nice. I HEARTTT motels cause they are so homey!

    Hope you had fun with your cousin. What traditional stuff? Whoah. Bald 0.0

    It is so FREAKING cold. And it is Oct I know!!!

  2. Seems like it was an awesome trip! Your so lucky you saw snow! I wish snow would come to Westchester faster 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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