SGA and the Normal Day

okay so lets start with the SGA

SGA, So far:

Okay so i have made my choice for secretary!

Sorry for the people who wanted for me to be vice, but secretary was easier and tons of my friends are running, and i hate going against my friends! so i just stuck with my idea.

Anyway, there are a couple of people going against me! Especially a girl named Ellie. She is Miss Popular with the little kids, but i don’t know about all of the fifth graders.

And Emma A. I don’t know what to do! my friends are saying tha i have a chance!  😀

But my best bud Trin, said that i wouldn’t get a chance! Here is a shout out to her: I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!!

There, but whatever we are still best buds! 😀

I am still working on my letter to my teacher that i have to write on order to run! it is due in Wednesday! but i got at least a solid day before i turn it in.

Well SGA is killing me, but at least that no one is making anybody feel bad! 😀

Well otherwise the day was pretty good!

I had a normal day, except one thing:

The ONE thing is that when Trin said that i don’t have a chance, i got upset, but didn’t do anything.

but in math, she had her chair in my way ! so i couldn’t get to my desk, and the teacher was getting angry! so i moved the chair, then Trin fell!!!! i felt soooo bad! and everybody thought that i did that in purpose! but i swear! i didn’t! Another shout out: I AM SORRY!!!!!!

Well, i got in trouble later on, yeah i know me and trouble! impossible! XDDDDD
And then on the bus there was this riddle that was VERY OFFENSIVE TO ME!

but again, i really don’t care!!!!

Right now it is 9 PM and i am watching Dancing With the Stars! my FAV SHOW!!! Well, i have others too! 😉

but anyway, hope that everybody likes me for the SGA!

and peoplez, what are you going to be for Halloween? I am going to be a CHEESECAKE!!!!!XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!


😀 Sister!




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