“It’s Friday!”

Well Hello people!

Today is Veteran’s Day, 11/11/11, And A day when I may give you a update of what had happened.

today’s color is…INTERESTING MINT GREEN!

Yes that is the color.

Well yesterday was fun because of Jump Rope For Heart!

And now i will telly ou about today!:

A normal morning.

Well we left the house at 8:00! :O

And then at school i headed to Library Helpers.

Ben helped me, and Daniel.

Daniel was talking as always, and Ben and I discovered the secrets for the Book Fair this week!


then we both headed down to the art room, and then i headed to my job.

I did my job and got ready for the day:


Well we recently switched classes,

and i sit next to David and Kiera.

I had to hold her stuff because her finger was swollen, and she couldn’t hold anything.

Then Math:

Math was really normal.

And then Viola:

I am kind of upset on Hanna for some reason. But i don’t know why!!!!

But otherwise the class was really normal!

Then Reading:

We had to go to work right away,

I had to do 2 BCRs still! 😦

then Recess:

Well my friends and I are going to do a flash mob tomorrow! 😀

And we were practicing ALL  recess!

And then we had Lunch:

Well i was talking to Amee about my very STRANGE dreams.

and then we headed down to Reading:

well the other people got to see a movie while…

Amee, Gabby, Giacomo, Kiera, Grace, Mrs.Abbott and I got to stay un Mrs..Abbott’s room and had to work on our BCRs.

Well you might think it would ne really boring.



We all were laughing. doing work, and talking to Mrs.Abbott!

Our teachers are COOL!


And then we headed to Music:

Well we had our auditions today !

I was scared!

But don’t worry, I MADE IT!!!!! 😀

Bus ride:

Well we had a  fun day on the bus!

Jilly and Kiki came, but Caroline hogged them!


So i didn’t really get to talk to them.

And then we played Dare or Truth.

Scott was acting like a total weirdo.

And Now i am home, blogging after a long day!

Well I have to go!


Your cheesecake lover,




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