Hi! I am back again! 🙂

Some shot outs to some super nice people! If I didn’t add you, just tell me and hopefully I will remember next time! 🙂

first my bud Summer really wanted me to shout out to her, and her blog is: http://howrandomcaniget.webs.com

Then my bud Trinity gets a comment from me for having a page about me. 🙂 Her blog is:


My “twin” Randy deserves something for being nice. 🙂 Then my bud Randy’s blog is :


Then Alicia Rivera is very nice on commenting, and I think she deserves something too. 🙂 Her bloggie is: www.salphaaliciarivera.wordpress.com

And Lily for being totally awesome! 🙂 :


And I started a new bloggie called www.letsbetotallyrandom.wordpress.com I would like to have a ton of authors. if you would like to join, you just have to answer the following questions:

What is your name:

What do you want to be called on the blog:

Why you want to join:

Give me an example of being random: ( OPTIONAL! 😉 )

Thanks! Anyways my day! 🙂


I woke up at seven and jumped out of bed, and got ready for the day. I got dressed, ate breakfast, etc. and headed to school.

Over the weekend I wrapped gifts for my friends and teachers. I gave my buds their gifts, secretly, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 🙂 And then the teachers. They all really liked their gift.

It was also Bengy’s birthday. ( Remember him? 😉

Well we all said happy birthday to him, and headed to Social Studies.

In Social Studies, we worked and colored something. then we all headed to the computer lab to play some game thingy. It was kind of fun for not being in a sweaty hot classroom. 🙂

Then in Math we continued with Geometry. It was OK, not my favorite though. :/ So yeah.

At reading we all read our books for 15 minutes, then did some work on our book. Eventually I had to work on this huge poster.

Afterwards we went to recess.

At recess we all played basketball. 🙂 My favs. ?

The boys were challenging us, but gosh were they annoying! Why do some drama girls love them? Crazy, and stupid.

BTW Ryan  is probably going to see this for he wanted to see how my blog was. So here are some epic photos 🙂


LOL! Cute! 🙂

anyway, at lunch Shelton and I were discussing our plan for our birthday on THURSDAY!!!!! 🙂

I called her for the plan, but she didn’t pick up, I need to talk to her soon at school. Otherwise our plan wont work at all. 😦

Or…WAIT..I have an idea!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So then we all headed to Reading and Language arts. I got my papers back and got good grades. 🙂

Then the day was kind of boring at Computer because we all made cards. Nothing much, not at all.

So then we all headed to pack up. In the bus line we found something really funny. And Liam wouldn’t stop staring at me.!!!! * Shivers* I VERY dislike that kid.

On the bus, Ryan and I were trying to make fun of Trinity for her crushes. we all were like making these guys last names with hers, and some sounded weird. Then I went home.

After school, my dad and I went to pick up my brothers. Ik barely have any homework, so it was fun. I played my Wii, and now I am typing to all of you! 🙂 Now some random picture time again! 🙂


Bye! See ya next time! 🙂

Sister 🙂


11 thoughts on “WE CAN DO THIS!

  1. OMG! But I have to wait till the summer until I can go back to kims. 😦 hey do u wanna join the bloggie? I really think you should! I think it would be perfect for a funny girl like you! Ong that reminds me when ms. Alyssa said that Ian was an old man personality. 😛 lol! Good times! 🙂

  2. Hey Sistah!
    Awesome and random post. LOL. Here’s my application.
    What is your name: Cindy C.

    What do you want to be called on the blog: Cindy

    Why you want to join: Cuz I love being random. ♥

    Give me an example of being random: Once, I remembered I was holding this super cute clip in my hand from JCPenney and I was talking to my friends. We left the store, and these security guards came like speed-walking after me and I realized I still had the clip and I didn’t even pay for it. Yeah…I was so scared. LOL. >.<
    Is that random enough? Haha.

    New post on Poppies&Pirouettes! Please comment? Thanksies!


  3. Haha great post! Sounds like fun! LOL those are some funny pics! I would love to join your randomness blog! LOL! Here’s the answers to the interview… kinda thing.
    What is your name: Jocelyn Cole

    What do you want to be called on the blog: Jocey… or Joe

    Why you want to join: I abs love blogging, and writing. I’m totally random, (Just see my blog), and I think It would be a cool experience!

    Give me an example of being random: ( OPTIONAL! ) Here are my reaons:
    1. My favorite word… is Kamquat
    2. http://jocelynjournal.wordpress.com

    -Jocey, Joe, Jocelyn Cole

  4. Thanks so so much for the shout out chicka! Your new blah-g seems really cool! Seems like you had a guh-reat day! Ahahah I heart the random pictures 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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