My Renovation :O

Well hello people.

This is a short post because I am waiting to get ready, long story.

Well here are some thing i noticed lately.

I got a hair cut.

I am having a  birthday party, and my birthday was a month ago. ^^.

see ya there people! 😛

So anyways, i have like three projects to do.

I feel like i told Morgan my idea, and that was really stupid. Because now she is doing that. i don’t want to hurt her feelings cause she is my friend, but i promised we both can do it. Well she tells some people, and i got pretty angry. So i am changing my idea, and  not telling anyone! Except for my mom. ^^.

I don’t want to tell you what it is, till later.

Got to go now.

I can’t do shout outs  till next post. 😦

Cookie monsters and kola bears,



7 thoughts on “My Renovation :O

  1. You have a B-day that was a month ago and now you have a B-day party? XD Lol
    I hope you found a better idea! That happened to me once with a poem. I had a great poem idea, (we were suppose to write about emotions) and I told my tabl partner ‘surprised’ (or was it ‘confused’? something like that) And he took it. The teacher was like, OH! Very good job! Nice word! And it was my idea. -__-
    XD Oh well, I found a better one, and i forgot what it was, but ya. XD
    I hope you found a better idea!

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