Oreos… YUM!


 How have you all been? I am really sore. So here are shoutouts. 🙂

Trinity: www.trinityslife.wordpress.com

Randy: www.peacelovecheesecake.wordpress.com

SpalphaAlicaRivera: www.spalphaaliciarivera.wordpress.com

Alicia: www.aliciarules.wordpress.com

Kristen Gregory 4eva : www.kristengregory4eva.wordpress.com

Amazing Massie Block: www.amazingmassieblock.wordpress.com

Massie: www.massieblockandonly.wordpress.com

The Random Gang@ www.letsbetotallyrandom.wordpress.com

Miss A: www.everythingaboutmoi.wordpress.com

Haleigh: www.hndbff1999.wordpress.com

If you want a shoutout, then ask me. 🙂

So recently Amee has been wanting my Oreos! Yes, i eat Oreos. ^^.

And every time I bring something, she wants it. i like dont know what to do. So suggestions?

Anyways, I am super busy! And my mom made me join a chorus after school! So I am really upset! BUT i love chorus, so i am happy too.

Do I have projects? You bet! 😦 WHy??????? I don’t know! I have a lot of work to do, so i am either going to write a really short post today, and tomorrow i will write  a bugger and better post tomorrow. 🙂 SO now I got to go.


Cookie monsters, and kola bears ,



6 thoughts on “Oreos… YUM!

  1. Cute post. Could you give me a shout-out next time? My blog was just started yesterday, and I am really trying to get the word out there. Thanks! Oh, and could you check out my blog? Thanks… again!

  2. That’s weird that your friend always copies you! That’s guh-reat that your gonna join a chorus 🙂 I hate projects too 😦

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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