Happy Birthday Trinity!

♥Hello Beauties♥

Today was my friend Trinity‘s birthday. (click her name to check out her awesome blog!)

So in order to say an even awesomer Happy Birthday, here are some awesome photos! 🙂



Happy Birthday Trin! And yes, I let you poke me with your pencil at math! 😉

This week I had a lot of things to do. 😦 But now i am going to somewhat tell a summary of what I did. 🙂


Well Kind of boring. School. Nothing much. But Kiki and I were talking about a strwberry project. I even got contacts!!!!!!! YAY!!! 🙂 So far so good. 🙂


Nothing much either. But I did have a lot of work to do. AndI went ot bed a t like what.. 7:00 PM! That was really early! I must have been tired. So I didn’t catch a lot of the day’s news.


Well it was okay. we had to present projects, and yeah. Nothing much, People liked my project! 🙂 YAY! And Trinity couldn’t stop talking about her birthday.


Well that was today! Trinity was very excited to go to school. Her locker was decorated with post-it-notes. And she kept them all in a bag. Odd, but funny. Lots of birthday pranks. I bought her this sharpener she is obssessed with. 🙂 And then started poking me with her pencil.

Then later on, I had 24 club. Today was the competiton! :O And guess what? I am going to the county competitions for double digits! YES! I did it! 🙂


Tomorrow I will be..

Having chorus.
Amee will come to my house.

And I already finished my project.

And yeah..

So well know I got to go.

Shout outs 🙂















If you want a shout out, then ask me!

Cookie monsters and kola bears,



16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Trinity!

  1. Happy Bithday Trinity! 🙂 Seems like you had a super busy week chicka! Thanks for my shootout!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  2. Thank you girls for the amazing comments. 🙂
    I have a question, do you think I should do a make over? Or keep the theme and all of this? You decide please! 🙂
    ~Miss A

  3. Loved the post. Super cute makeover! Also, I wanted to congratulate you on getting the Versatile blogger award. Visit my blog for more info.

  4. Hey S,
    Lovely post!
    Happy birthday to your friend Trinity!(:
    Sounds like your week went well. Lol I wish I could sleep at 7:00, I always sleep at 11 and wake up way too tired for school, haha. (:
    Check out my blog?

  5. That’s so sweet, giving an adorable birthday shoutout. You truly are an amazing friend. (:
    Your week seemed to went amazingly. Well, not mine unfortunately. 😦
    Thanks for the shoutout though!

    Could you check out my blog, pretty please? New post!


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