My True Home

Hello People! 🙂

As you know I went recently on my trip, and it was a very long trip. So next or another post will be on this topic. In today’s post I will be writing about the day when I came back, and went back to school. 🙂


I am sitting with my laptop, in my blue pajamas, and am happy for now work for today. Only today. Tomorrow I will be very busy, and same with Sunday! 😦 I. Dont. Like. Work. 😦

So you might be wondering: What about the clip of the true stories? What happened to the renovation! well i was bored, and changed it. WP bloggers are obsessed with the theme Forever, and i liked it too. But i thought it was getting boring, so i changed it up, back to Pilcrow. 🙂


Yesterday I came back to school. I was so excited, and barely got any sleep. Still in a different time zone. 😦 But whatever. I was so excited to see my friends again. I couldn’t wait to see their expressions! 🙂

When i woke up I had a hardy breakfast. I have three servings og bread and tea, my favorite. try it, it is so good. 🙂 I got ready, and I took the bus to school. My mom and brothers would be staying at home today. For some very issue which i would not like to tell, for it will take forever.

I met Trinity, and she was so happy I was back. She started blabbering about everyone in school, the people on the bus, and so much more! Then the bus came and we kept on talking the whole ride to school.

People were so happy i came back and they all were jumping with joy. They started dancing, and everything! And Jilly and Kiki took me to my locker. And guess what?

My locker was totally decked out with decorations. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I always wanted my locker decorated. 🙂 😀 😀 😀 It had this amazing wallpaper on the back, with signs saying welcome home, and we missed you, all over it! 🙂 There was seven packs of Skittles in the inside, but three were stolen by some people. xD So funny. 🙂

Everybody was crowding around, and asking if I had fun. I felt special and proud, and treated well. I was truly happy.

I got ready and went to class, and all of that. The day was pretty normal, except math. I would tell you, but Amee would kill me if I did. so lets skip that all the way to Gym.

In gym we played volleyball! For the big volleyball game is next week! I rocked at it. 🙂 I loved gym class today, and i had fun. I got to enjoy myself, and play some epic volleyball!…!!!!!!! 🙂

Then I went to 24 club, and practiced 24, and talked to my friends. Anna was scaring everyone by being behind them, and staring at them. She was really scaring Kiera. That was also when I learned I will be going to County Chorus!!!!!! 🙂 YES!

And I got all of the information for the 24 club competitions for next week. EEK! Everything is next week. 0.0 Oh! I have a lot of work to do.

I was so happy to be back home, but India is like my other home too. I guess you can say I have 2 homes. 🙂

This Week’s Song:  A Whole new World; Aladdin 🙂

This song was stuck in my head during the plane ride home.

That is all for today people.

Cookie Monsters and Kola Bears,



13 thoughts on “My True Home

  1. Awesome post Apurva! I missed you a lot, did you know that I am going to miss the first 4 weeks of camp! I know sad right!!
    That is nice that everyone missed you!
    Yup, I guess we all have 2 homes. I have a bunch!
    Loved the song!

  2. Wonderful post!
    Sounds like your day was super fun!
    Great makeover! The background is super cute.
    As for the header? I love Starbucks!
    Wow, that’s a LOT of smileys..


  3. EEP! Aladdin(: My middle name is his princess’s name. Lol.
    That’s so cool; you must have a lotta friends!!(:
    I adore the header, btw(:

    Pretty please check out my new post! – xox Cindy

  4. Hayyy Sista!
    OMG IT’S “A WHOLE NEW WORLD”!!! I literally know ALL the words. One of my best friends (he moved away now, though 😦 ) played Aladdin in the school play!
    Awrh, I suck at volleyball. Actually, at all sports. D:<
    Meep! Locker antics! Someone's pohhhpyewlar! (Popular) *wink wink nudge nudge*
    New post on P&P! If you would comment/like that would be epic. (Like your volleyball skillz.)

    ex oh ex oh,
    less than three,

    PS Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award! 😀 Ju and I will get around to doing a post for that 😛

    • your welcomes for the award.
      dont worry, i am pretty, meaning really bad, at a lot of sports. but i love to sing, and that does include a notion, so i include that as a sport. 😉
      i will check the post out soon.

  5. I LOVE your makeover!!! The blue swirly background is really pretty with the header.
    The song A Whole New World in Aladdin has always been one of my favorites. Love the post girlie!!!

    ♥ Madeleine

    p.s. Come visit my blog! I’d really love it if you did. 😀

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