The Shopping Buzz :)


More time to blog? Check! My brother is sleeping, the other is watching my dad play on the iPad, and I am on the laptop. If I do go upstairs my brother will wake up, so I am using my parent’s laptop. No problemo, I am just so happy!


What’s the post?

Shopping Emergency!

Randy’s House! 🙂


Shopping Emergency!

So yes, my mom and I did go shopping yesterday. Well it was about buying me some new spring clothes, because my mom was complaining about how my clothes were too small. I didn’t really care. Who am I kidding; I so badly wanted to go! My mom came home at 1:17, and we left at 1:20 to the mall. I was so happy. I wanted to go everywhere. We walked right in, and got down to business. But parking was awkward. My mom was going the wrong way, and I had to tell her where to go. I was surprised she didn’t know where the mall was, and we went there two weeks ago! Well whatever.

When we walked in we went to Delia’s (yes and I did do something wrong with the capitalization, forgive me). I so badly wanted a shirt from there. I was so obsessed with their clothing. We ended up buying two cute shirts! 🙂 One way red and said: Who Is A? Ha-ha. The first letter of my name. Pretty Little Liars. And a flowery pink and purple shirt with a huge pale pink like color. I fell in love with the shirt. 🙂

Then we went to H&M. We went to the teenage section, but everyone was there, so we went to the kid/teen section. There were some shirts saying 5$. I was so happy. Then it said: Pay $40 and get an extra $5 off. Crud. Oh well. I eventually got this shirt with blue and white stripes, and it said something like “Cutest Ever”. And another shirt/dress which was black, with blue and purple roses. It was really pretty. 🙂

Then we went to Forever 21. I begged my mom to see the jewelry. She never knew about it, until I urged her to go. She instantly fell in love with it. I was looking for an owl necklace, I need one so bad! I couldn’t find one, so I looked for something else. I found this gold necklace which had a little mocking jay/ bird. It reminded me of the Hunger Games, and I bought it. It was only $1.50! I was so happy. My mom found some black flowery stud earrings. And for her, I found her some pretty coral earrings. It had some gold/bronze design thing around it. We did find some shirts, and it said it was on clearance. Turns out, it wasn’t. But I was happy about the jewelry. 🙂

Then we both headed to Claire’s. I had to find and owl necklace!!!!!! And luckily we found a ton of owls! First, there were some owl earrings, and I loved them! They were black and silver, which looked almost like owls. And then we found another necklace, which wasn’t that great. And then I found some really cute owl necklace with glasses. We were about to buy it, until we found this one owl, which was very colorful. But it was really beautiful. We had to buy it. And my mom found some earrings. We instantly bought them. But now I realize the owl earrings were clip-ons. My mom said we could return it, and get the other ones, or something else.

Afterwards we went to Hollister. My mom wanted to go so bad. Everything there was 40% off! Yay! I was looking for this shirt they had earlier, and we found it! I wanted it so bad. It was so purrtty! It was white, with some ruffle and lace design on the shoulders, and neck. It was really cute! Then my mom bought a shirt for herself. And she found this flowy shirt with orange stripes. I was about to buy the green one, but I like to orange one better. 🙂 OMG! So happy!

At the end we both bought smoothies, and we picked up my brothers. I got to play catch with my brothers, and some other toddlers at the baby sitter’s house. It was fun. When we got home, my dad bought me the Hunger Game Series! I was begging for it! And he wanted to read it too. I finished my other book today, and now I am reading Catching Fire! So happy!!!!!!!! EEKK! But I left my phone at the baby sitter’s house. Poop. No phone for a weekend. Well, I am still happy!!! 🙂

Randy’s House

EEKKKKK! I am going to Randy’s house tomorrow! I have a plan to call Shay, if she can pick up her phone. Ugghh…SHAYLEE PICK UP YOUR PHONE ALREADY!!!!!!!! Well, I am still excited! I can’t wait! And Randy dared me to show the people at camp my blog. I said I would, but she would have to share hers afterwards. Whatever, if they hate it, they hate it. I can’t change it. But do you guys like my blog?

By the way I am thinking about changing my blog title to my nick name in school, and for Randy. It is Purva, or Purvie. But can you guys think of a title for me? How about my nickname for this blog, besides Sister, Miss A? Please tell me!

Luv you all! 🙂

Cookie Monsters and Koala Bears,

Sister 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Shopping Buzz :)

  1. Sounds got some really cute things! My mom thinks delias is too expensive but we will go there sometimes. It’s always fun shopping with your mom! Omg! We had almost the same day but I went to Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercombie, Abercombie kids and Macys. Can you believe I wear abercombie kids stuff? O.o I AM TO TINY.
    I am so excited! I am not looking forward to showing Andrew my blog what if..HE ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBED. I might die. I love your blog, it’s cute c:
    Purva is cute but maybe something like.
    Life as we know it
    Purva’s Crazy Life
    The Life of the Sister
    Eh, just some names. Use em or use your idea. I don’t care xD.

  2. Hey Sister 🙂 Sounds like you got some super cuh-yoote clothes on your shopping trip with your mom! I want some owl necklaces too, but I can’t find any anywhere! Have a fun time at Randy’s house girlie!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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