Couples? Ugh!


I love rememoring old memories. It just makes me smile, especially if they are good ones. They make me laugh at the past. Randy and I did that a lot about camp. When I went to Randy’s house yesterday, and  we did just that. 🙂

beauty beast I remember that!: GIFS (14 gifs)

Lovely roses 🙂


I rang the doorbell to Randy’s house at exactly 2 pm. 🙂 Her mom opened the door, and I said goodbye to my dad. Then Randy came and we both headed upstairs. I saw her room, and it was really pretty. And I got to see her birds. They were so cute! I instantly fell in love with them. 🙂 We both started talking about school, and work, and school starting for last quarter. Then we both went on her laptop and checked out some blogs. We both saw her blog, and she saw mine. She loved the makeover. Do you like it?
We both were talking about the Hunger Games, and the Clique blogs. Then an idea hit us, we made a roleplay blog. But not any ordinary blog..a HUNGER GAMES ROLEPLAY BLOG! Check it out!

We chose the characters we wanted to be and everything. We both made the header, and I helped her with some things on Piknik. And it is closing soon! Poop. Oh well. I will make different headers then.

Then we both found some cool pictures for the background, and it was fun looking for them. 🙂
Then afterwards we went downstairs and played Wii Party. It was so much fun. There was this one character who was named Sumburo, but he kept following me. Then Randy was saying he was Ian. I was so angry. I really hate Ian…sometimes.  And we played this hiding games, and he was hiding were I was! Then we both made an inside joke. “Hey Sumburo!” And then we would laugh, and he would probably be confused. Oh ya. We are evil! 😉

After we played this one huge game, we  played mini games. We played this haunted house game, and we had to switch remotes. This was because we were bad at our parts. Then with teamwork we won! Oh yeah! 🙂 And then we played some hidden treasure game, and we failed the first time. Then we tried again, and we won!

And we played some four player games. Sumburo was there, and then another character. This character was following Randy. I said he was Andrew! And then she got so angry, and kind of freaked out. Haha. We played some game where we had to run away from zombies. And another game where we had to swing from a vine. Sumburo was so close to Randy, and i was so far away. Randy said I was far away so he settled for her.

Randy and I started talking about camp memories. I remember all of those memories. Andrew  and us playing volleyball. Ian and I throwing a football. The guys torturing us.  Our little “Clique”.Good memories. 🙂 Hahaha.

Thank you so much for the amazing comments, and feedback. I really appreciate it. 🙂

❤ Shout Outs ❤

Smile, Sparkle, and Shine…

Purva 🙂


5 thoughts on “Couples? Ugh!

  1. Yay for sparkly backgrounds btw

    Thank you for thinking my room is cute cx Yes, my birds are quite amazing.

    IAAAAAAAAN! Haha. I can not wait for summer as usual! 😀 Well, it was nice talking about things! I hope you get Wii Party! We should do this again! Go to each others house! My mom is fine with it. I hope so we can have MORE FUN! ;D

    No we are ‘the gang’ Dakota and her friends may think they are cool BUT WE OWN KIMS. We are the counselors favs xD

  2. Hey Girlie!
    I love the new makeover. The sparkly blue background is eye-catchingly stunning!
    A Hunger games role-play blog is an amazing idea! I’ll bet it might be a new trend starting this summer. I’ll definitely check it out! It sounds wonderful already.

    ♥ Madeleine

  3. Hiya! it’s Dolris!!
    Sounds like you had a very fun day!
    I checked yout that Hunger Games blog and I called Gale and Peeta! They are mine!! I like the idea of a Hunger Games bloggy! It’s really cool! I really like the background! It moves and it’s the MOCKINGJAY!! Coolio!
    I’m gonna be coming back more often to this bloggy! I like it!
    See you around Purva!

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