Somebody that I used to know…


There have been some crazy ups and downs lately, but i really don’t want to discuss them with you right now. Yes, I have been very busy, and hectic life so far. But next year it is worse. I will have so much work, and I will be trying out for a ton of things. The summer time is also hard. will be going to a million of camps, and including my favorite camp of all time, Kim’s Karate. 🙂

SO have how all of the lovelies been since i have been gone? By the way, I may be posting every week or so because my mom is challenging me to see how much time I spend on the computer. Yes, it sounds stupid. But I have to agree with her. Everyone in my household, even my brothers, uses the technology. It has gotten so worse taht if i want to sit with the iPad, my brothers would steal i from me. Then they would play their own little app on the iPad. It gets so annoying, so I understand. But I guess technology can just take you in a different place. 🙂


Yesterday 5:30 ish to 7:00

My dad and I waited as we were urging for my mom to come with my brothers. Tonight was Tech-a-thon! The most fun thing at my school. Some of my friends were going to be there! I was already signed up, and so my dad and i were ready. I was so excited!

My mom finally reached home with one of the boys. My dad and I literally ran to the car with the baby and his essential needs, and drove to school. We were already late. But the moment we reached there we went through the wrong way. So we went to the gym. There I saw Eliza and some other people. She said we should go to the park next door that was where everyone else was. So we did. There I saw my friend Kyra, and Maeve. Kyra, Maeve, and I then ran laps around the course, for the whole thing basically, and we were babysitting Maeve. xD

Then I saw Izzy, Anna, and some other people dancing! There was the DJ too! So we all ran to them and started dancing like crazy! It was so much fun. Then we headed to the cafeteria line, where people were ordering food. My friends ordered some chicken sandwich wrap, and I got some apple juice.
Then I lost my friends, for I went to talk to someone else. I found out that they all went running again. So I caught up with them, and Maeve supposedly lost her money, when it was in her pocket the whole time! xD

Then Maeve left for a while, so it was Kyra and me. Then Rebecca came, and the ice cream man came! Rebecca bought us ice cream! It was very sweet of her! J We got a Tweedy Bird ice cream, which was Kyra’s, Bubble Gum snow cone, which was Rebecca’s, and for me.. a Jolly Rancher snow cone. Then there was a stampede of people running behind us, and we took cover, while enjoying our tasty treats.

Then my dad came and we were about to buy our reserved pizza, but they ran out. Crud. Well we all went home and had pizza there. It was very fun.


The next day was my friend’s party. It was a sleepover, but I stayed till night time. But I had a blast!

When I reached there, I was the first one, but Olive came. We went to Summer’s room (AKA The birthday girl) and we saw everything she had. She has a ton of random things, but they are pretty awesome. She has a cool room!
Then everyone else came, and we played Wii. We played tennis. And we chose our characters. We all had to pair up though. So Morgan and I were DOMO!!!!!!! 🙂 OH YEAH! Summer and Allison were Ms. Piggy. Izzy and Olive were Alvin, and Anna was the Penguin. It was an epic game of tennis. ^^.

Then we ordered Domino’s pizza. We bought a ton of pizza! And then we all started making duct tape pens. It was fun! I learned how to make some really cool pens!

Then we had dinner, which was the pizza. And we headed back upstairs. Morgan and Allison were having a fight, so duct tape was flying everywhere. Izzy and I were so busy. Amee and Anna were talking, and doing random stuff. Summer was doing everything at once.

Then we had dessert. We got to make chocolate covered strawberries and bananas too! Summer’s mom said I was very artistic with food. I had to agree with her, for my strawberries looked scrumptious! And we had chocolate Lava cake!!! So yummy!

Then we all watched the new version of Winne the Pooh. Such a funny and cute movie! But I was short, but I guess that was because Allison kept on having spazz attacks. We tried to calm her down, but things got ugly.

So after the movie we kept on doing our duct tape stuff. And we made some cool stuff!:

The First Pen

First pen. Sort of a fail

My second pen was better. I love the penguins!!!! 🙂

Well  sorry for the long post. But thank you all for the amazing comments!!! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Somebody that I used to know…

  1. YEEEES ❤ Kims! BTW I love this song! But the Glee version is ten times better in my opinion!
    My parents BAN me from the computer. But the computer is very addicting though.
    Sounds like a great time you had a the tech a thon thingie!
    A sleep over shessh! I have never gone to one and you were complaining but sounds like a great time! Well, I can stay over at people houses til like 11 though xD. DOMOOO!
    You seem to have good times with your friends!
    Nice pens! I remember in 6th grade when everyone had duct tape stuff!

    Mind dropping a comment on my new post?

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