Currently, I am on YouTube watching videos from the Piano Guys. Yesterday some guests came, and I had to go to a party. But lets!


Yesterday I went to my friend’s party. I car pooled with my friend Izzy, and we both had a fun drive to the apartment. We took random pictures on ym zebra print phone. She even took this picture which reflected the phone. In the picture there was this zebra print in the middle of the forest! It was my new screen saver. 🙂

When we reached there, we got lost. SO we turned around, and finally saw the big sign. The birthday girl’s mom was there, and she took us to the pool. There we met the birthday twins. Then we got ready to go into the pool. We all jumped in, and played some games. AG was very loud, and she may have screamed some times….^^.

Then we all took a break and went to eat lunch. I had some salad, strawberries, and other things I can’t remember. We all played Truth or Dare. Izzy was dared to eat a spoonful of ketchup. And she did it! But she was about to throw up. So we stopped playing.

Afterwards we went to their apartment, and opened gifts. It was fun. Then Izzy and I rana way from them, and we ran down the stairs. They used an elevator, and we were there first, but then we lost. We went to the wrong floor. Oh well. xD

We went swimming again, and we did all fo these crazy jumps. Later on we got to make ice cream sundaes. They were delicious! 🙂 YUMMY! Then Izzy, Gigi, and I sat on one side of the pool thingy, and we were talking. AG came over and laid down on this metal thing, and she screamed. Everyone began staring at us. AG! xD The alarms went off, and I freaked out! So I ran outside again. Then they stopped. I DIDN’T TURN THEM ON BY THE WAY! It was a drill.

My dad came, and picked Izzy and I up. The ride home was horrid, lets say my brother wouldn’t stop crying……-_-

But I had SO MUCH FUN!

And I am going on a field trip for something fun,a nd I am so excited!!!!!! EEK!


The Piano Guys are amazing! Here are some videos.

This is hysterical! I love the part when he trains his cello to lose weight with him. SO cute! 🙂

THE CELLO WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O
So cute, Darth. Nice try, but next year…

Now my favorite song of the week:

Well thank you all for reading my post. 🙂 It is a bit short, but I am okay with that. 🙂

and i forgot her sister’s blog, but i will tell you next post. :C

-Purva 🙂



5 thoughts on “Payphone…

  1. Hey Purva 🙂 The birthday party sounds like it was a ton of fun! Swimming is always a great way to spend time with friends! I love Truth or Dare, but when they Dares get a little…weird it always gets awkward! Eating a spoonful of ketchup..poor Izzy! I’ve been dared to do something similar before so I could relate to how she feels! Mmm, now I’m crazy an ice cream sundae lol! I love the song Pay Phone as well, it’s a great catchy tune that could easily get stuck in your head!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Hey!
    I love pool parties, I think they may well be my favourite: splashing around with pool toys, ahhh it’s so lovely. Truth or Dare?! eh, i don’t particularly like that game since my friends are so evil to each other …..
    I’ve been gone from wp for a while but it would be lovely if you could come check out my blog post!
    ∞ Karen

  3. OH MY GAWSH. I LOVE THAT SONG. SOPHIE AND ME SING IT EVERDAY! Indy and me have been singinig the beginning of the rap: “Yeah, man fuck that shit!” Thats all we know XD.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I love pool parties!
    Cute vids and totally adore the makeover. So stylish.

  4. Cute post Girly!
    I love the little quote on the sign. And I definitely agree with it. It’s kind of like ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ ‘
    A pool party sounds fun especially in the heat of the summer. I love ketchup but I could never eat a spoon full of it. But the sundaes sound yummy and it also sounds like you had a good time!

    ♥ Madeleine

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