Be Us Against the World…..

Hello Lovelies!

As you can see I have re-decorated my blog! Please rate it 1 through 10, and comment below. Thank you to all of my subscribers for being amazing. 🙂 I can’t belive I am so past 4,000 views!! ♥ you! 🙂

Summer is not so far away! My school is ending Friday! I am so excited! I will be going to many camps this year. For example:

  • I will be going to band and orchestra camp, with my friends I* and A*. We are so excited. I* plays the flute, and A* plays the saxophone. I play the viola. I am so eager to meet other people playing the same instrument. But I have to say, violas aren’t very famous. I may be the only one playing the viola. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen.
  • I will  be going to pottery camp with I*. I wanted to do something different.I* was already going, and I thought about joining too. So now we both will be going to the two camps together! Yay! I want to make some new dishes soon!
  • My favorite camp of all, Karate! So excited this year. This will be the last year for some of my friends, but hopefully not for me! Randy, S*, Al*, C* and other people will probably be going. Randy wants to quit, but I ma begging her not to! I would be lonely. And Ir*, one of Randy’s friends, may want to go! I will be begging for her too! It would be an exciting year!
  • I may be going to many of my friend’s houses, parties, etc. this year too! So I am excited for that! 🙂

But I will miss school, and miss all of my other friends. But I am so ready for next year.

The second to last day of school was awesome!

It was a half day, and we all got to play tug-of-war..And it was truly awesome! There was one round where it was girls against boys, and the girls won! DOMINATION!!!!!!!!

Beat that guys *twirls, and falls ont he face*


So then we had ice cream, had our awesome sunglasses, and enjoyed our day.

It was short.


Now for some of you…this was a short post. But next week, my posts should be better…I hope.

Thank you all so much for the amazing views and comments!



4 thoughts on “Be Us Against the World…..

  1. Hey Purva! Thanks for updating!!!! Sorry for pestering u about it, but at least it worked!!!! See u at graduation 2morrow! 2 bad Corey is going to b there and we can’t be partners. 😦

  2. Orchestra camp sounds fun! I was gonna go but it seemed to nerdy for my liking..
    How exciting, a pottery camp! Have a fabulous time.
    Well, first of all. I am going to be high schooler so I need volunteer hours, shay/alix wont be there so who will i hang out with Andrew! :/ And you only come for one month 😦 Maybe….I am babysitting 5 days a week..
    Yeah! I have a party tomorrow and everyone decided to make plans like going boating and strawberry picking .-.
    Great job gurlies. (:
    Ah, last days…

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