This is Me…This is Real….I’m exactly where I am supposed to be know…

That’s What Life Does To You….

Today was my last day of school. I graduated today. I want to cry. I am going to miss all of my friends. I will be busy over the summer. Randy may not be going to camp. I am changing. My life is changing.

Today was my graduation. My mom came back from her trip today, and she was very late, sort of. Her flight was delayed for an hour. I was upset. But my dad somehow persuaded me into getting happy. It worked, and I got ready for school.

I wore a blue,white, and block flowery dress. It was as soft as silk, and it felt great around me. I felt like a princess, about to ride in her chariot. Half of my hair was clipped on my blue, decorative clip. The clip was what made me feel confident, along with the dress. My sandals were silver and had pearls with bows on them as well. I looked into my mirror. I saw a girl, a simple girl, who looked amazing. Well, that’s what I thought.

I crept downstairs for breakfast. My brothers were kind enough to still be sleeping. I ate four waffles, and yes I was hungry!

Then my dad  my dad and I waited for my mom to come home. No luck. She called us.

“Just go. I will be at my daughter’s graduation right away. Don’t worry, I will be there.”

After the whole morning fuss when I came to school, I was walking down the aisle for graduation.

I was looking for my mom everywhere. Brooke was my partner. I was freaking out on how I looked.

“You’re fine. Don’t freak,” She said.

I looked at the line. It was moving.

“I just want to see my mom. I haven’t seen here from the past week.” I said.

Well I wasn’t able to  finish my sentence. But she knew what I was going to say. I saw parents with cameras taking a billion of pictures. It was very crowded, but we somehow managed to fit through and walk down correctly.

We were simply walking down, and lined up.

Then the SGA, which i was a part of said the pledges. And then we had to say our speeches.

It was my turn, and I closed my eyes, took a breath, and spoke.

“The first word which comes to my mind when we say our school name is family.

Everyone here is part of one gigantic, compassionate, family.

We care, encourage, and help the others in need.

And today..We are celebrating our family.”

There was a pause. Then a ton of clapping. I smiled and got back to my spot, Then we sand some songs. And did whatever we would ordinary do.

There were many mistakes, but no one cared. We all were happy.

And at the end I had finally graduated. Next year there will be a girl going to bigger, and newer school.

I am just ready for SUMMER. It may not be the best, but I hope it is!

I already told you what I will be doing.

Tomorrow will be   a very busy day for me. So I want to chill.

Monday is the first day of summer vacation for me.

And then I have CAMP! EEK.So excited!

Well..I need to go..



6 thoughts on “This is Me…This is Real….I’m exactly where I am supposed to be know…

  1. I dont know. It’s just. Augh, I am going to have to work super hard for high school. I may even be a volunteer consular. Dont worry Purva, we have this year. When the time comes everything will be sorted out. Congrats, on your graduation.
    Sounds like you wore a nice dress. In my graduation I wore the most ugly dress and looked so ugly. But I cried though.
    I am so sorry that your mom didnt get to see your graduation.
    Nice speech.

  2. Nice post about graduation! Very accurate. U were totally right about the mistakes: they forgot to reserve enough rows for us to sit in!! 😀 And I agree with Randy, nice speech. I think Mrs. Abbott cried. But she cried pretty much the entire time.
    See ya next year!
    ~Anna 🙂

  3. Hey Purva!
    Your graduation outfit sounds kind of like the theme of your blog? With all the blues and whites, I am sure you looked as pretty as Alice from Wonderland 🙂
    Summer camp isn’t a very big thing in my country but I really hope you have a fun time! How long will it be? Don’t leave your blog for too long please???
    xx Karen
    ps: new installment of balancing summer if you don’t mind 🙂

  4. Happy Graduation.
    I can definitely relate to the bittersweet mixed feeling of things changing. Time is forever changing, and even though change is different and sometimes hard to adjust to, sometime they are what allows the perfect things life has to offer.
    Trust me, I should know.
    Your outfit sounds lovely and congratulation.
    I hope you have a great summer and tons of fun at camp!

    xoxo, Madeleine

  5. Hey Purva 🙂 Your graduation sounds like it was a ton of fun, your speech sounds great! I understand what you mean about feeling sad ah-bout letting go of this part in your life, but you’ll have a great time in your next grade also! I’m super excited for Summer too! Have a great time in camp!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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