I am loving it so far. But this week is my chill week, so I have nothing to really do. But comment, blog, and prank call people. It’s my job.

Yesterday I discovered so many things, which you may have already knew of, but I was clueless. Here is my menu:



Old Shows:

Do you guys ever remember  That’s So Raven , or Lizzie McGuire, or Sister Sister? Or am I a fan of old television shows.

I was bored yesterday and searched on the internet these shows.


I watched them for practically the whole day, and forgot what I was doing.

I fell in love with them.

I started laughing my head off on That’s So Raven.

^Part One^

^ Part Two^

Loca?: Do you have an appointment?

Chelsie: Actually I do! I have a dentist appointment today…

Loca?: No! I mean with Ray!

Cheslise: Ray is a dentist?

That makes me laugh..

Haha. Oh Chelsie. Who are your favorite characters? Chelsie is mine.

Prank Calling

I finally learned how to prank call people. Randy told me. So I started prank calling Shay, Alix, and Randy. But it failed miserably. So no luck. for me…….

That was useless.


I need a new phone. My phone has been so bad!

It has been redialing people when I am on the phone with them.

It has these weird gray dots on the screen, and the dits WON’T come off.

It turns on when I turn it off.

IT IS ANNOYING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a weird post. But I should make better ones later.

Well adios!


8 thoughts on “SUMMER LOVE ♥

  1. Purva,
    Great post! I really miss the old shows that you listed, especially Thats So Raven. The new Disney shows just aren’t the same, and aren’t near as good.
    I hope you get a new phone and perfect prank calling soon. (;


  2. LOL. I totally agree w/ u. “That’s So Raven” is hilarious. Especially that part u picked out… 😛 And yes, Chelsie (I’m not sure if i spelled that right) is definitely my fav character. 2 bad about ur phone. 😦 TTYL!!! ~Anna 🙂

  3. Hey Purva 🙂 I actually haven’t’ watched That’s So Raven is such a long time, but I remember loving that show! I’m gonna go take a look at some episodes right now! Prank calling is so much fun, I do it with my friends all the time! Hopefully you’ll get a new phone soon!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  4. I remember those. At least you didn’t stay up ’til 5 AM watching every single Brandy&Mr.Whiskers episode you can find.

    Prank Calling: The favorite pastime of the smart-people’s club[As my friend calls it] on long trips.

    Wow, What kind of phone was it?

  5. Omg, I love That’s So Raven! That was my favorite show 🙂 Haha I liked Chelsie too, her stupidness was always super funny. That sucks about your phone! Randomly dialing people could become a serious issue… hahah!

  6. I love the old Disney Channel shows! Have you noticed that the Disney shows are getting worst and worst? I miss That’s So Raven. She could always brighten a room 🙂


    • I still laugh at all of the episodes. They are so hysterical!
      I really hate all of the new shows have to do wtih love, and kissing, and all that gushy stuff.
      I sooooooooooo miss the old shows!
      I agree with your comment,
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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