You spin me right round baby right round…


I am going to pottery camp soon. I have to get ready soon, but I thought a good update would be nice for you all.


As you all know, yesterday I went to pottery camp. It was my first time doing pottery on a pottery wheel, and I was excited! But never knew pottery would be wayyy tooo difficult!

At 12:45 I rang the doorbell to I*’s house…

I was going to carpool with her this whole week to go to pottery camp. Then my dad would drop us back home.

Her mom opened the door, and let me in. I gave I* a hug, and their dog was smelling me. Their dog, N*, is a black poodle. But she is such a fun, and sweet friend to me. 🙂

We went to the kitchen and munched on some snacks. I munched on some pretzel goldfish, and I* was eating her lunch. I had eaten lunch earlier, so I didn’t have to worry.

WE were talking about our summers, and about the school year this year. We are pretty excited. S*, I*’s younger sister, would be going to her Ice Cream Social at our old school. I* said she could invite me to go along with them and we could see our old teachers!

I so want to do that!

Then we all went outside to jump on the trampoline.

We jumped around like MAD, on the trampoline!

We played some games, like Spider, and Alligator. But we basically jumped around. But it was totally fun!

Afterwards we went inside to the basement. We watched a small clip of Victorious, and I* and I were playing with an eight pound weight ball.

Afterwards we had to go to the car, and went to POTTERY!

When we reached there, we were the first ones…

It was pretty awkward, so I* and I walked around the building a bit, until other people came. After a while everybody who came was standing around and staring at everyone else. I tried to go and talk to them, but I ran into a chair. :3 Smooth…;)

Then my other friend, A* came! I was so happy! The more the merrier!

Our instructor told us to get some water, grab a seat near a wheel, and watch him make some pots. When he made the pots, it looked so simple. Then, it was our turn…One word. First try was a…FAIL.

But after while, I understood how to use the clay, and use the wheel! But my bowls were still lopsided, except for one.

I only had time to make two pots, but they weren’t horrible, as I had thought it would be.

Cleaning up was the hardest part of all.

There was clay everywhere! We had to clean up the tools, buckets, the wheel, the floor, and almost everything!

It was hard to clean up, but it payed off.

After cleaning, the three of us sat in front of the building and we were talking, like old friends do. When my dad came to pick us up, we had to sit on towels because we were covered in clay!

In the car, we listened to the radio, and we were all talking about people, and the class.

It was nice to finally talk to my school friends. It was like, nothing had happened. 🙂 And nothing did.

Pottery may have been tough, but it was fun cause I was with my friends!

Thanks you all for reading my post,



20 thoughts on “You spin me right round baby right round…

  1. Hey P,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Heart the new makeover.
    Sounds like Pottery Camp was a lot of fun even if it was slightly difficult.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. Hey Purva!!!

    While you were having fun at pottery camp, i was having fun at sleepaway camp!! Sailing, tennis, crafts, archery, swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, etc. You should go next year! I sent you an email… and sorry i haven’t answered for 13 days. I had no internet access. I survived, though! 😛

    Keep posting!

    cupcakeyum 🙂

  3. Haha, it’s always fun to have your friends with you at camp!
    Pottery sounds fun, but hard.
    I’m getting a trampoline soon, they’re so fun!!!
    I love the finger picture at the end, it’s so adorable! 🙂

    xo Dahlia

  4. Purva,
    It’s great that you had fun at pottery camp! That would be very neat to go to. I’m not surprised it was very difficult, haha! Everything is definitely always more fun when you do it with friends.
    Great post!


  5. Purva,
    It sounds like pottery camp was fun
    I should def. sign up for next summer!
    I am so sad that school is starting soon though 😦
    I have a new post check it out plzz

    ♔ Skye A. Hamilton ♔

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