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I figured to do a post where I talk about my day like I used to do. But I am thinking to add more things to this blog unlike a RL blog. (Real-life blog for people who don’t know what that means) I may add some tips to do things, maybe tell you about my life and what happens in my day, or maybe just do posts of some sort. Hopefully, you know what I mean. Today I decided to do a post about my day and probably some other things.

November 26, 2012

I woke up with a bad start. I usually wake up at 6:15 AM, but today I woke up exactly thirty minutes afterwards. Making it 6:40 AM. “What! I need to hurry!”

I rushed to get ready, and came downstairs to have breakfast at around 7:10ish. I ate cinnamon waffles with some orange juice, and put on some GMA, otherwise known as Good Morning America. On the news it said that my area was expecting some snow. Hopefully it won’t interfere with school, because we have already missed so many days from the hurricane.

At 7:30 I got ready to leave to the bustop. There I met my friends and we talked until our bus finally reached our stop. On the bus I hanged out with my friend, A*, and we talked about our Thanksgiving. She went to Florida to visit family members. It sounded like fun. At the end of our conversation we reached our school.

I did my usual things in the morning. And then I was ready for the day to begin. 🙂

Math- We had to take a gigantic test in class. It took the whole mod to finish the test. But at the end, I must say it wasn’t so bad. I think I got a good grade. But I don’t want to jinx anything.

Science- In science we started to learn more into detail about energy and such. We had to collect these papers and fill out some more. We did worksheets, class works, and things like that. Nothing much.

Art- In our previous classes in art we did Chinese painting were we would paint using ink and different values. I was truly fascinated by how the Chinese artists put time and effort to make something so beautiful. Today we were going to go around and see each others painting and grade them. After that we would put a small stamp, called a chop, on the painting to show our “seal of approval”. I saw many beautiful paintings. I thought my painting was okay, but I received amazing comments and eight chops. That was pretty impressive, actually. I was happy with my work, but my hands were covered in stamp ink afterwards…

Lunch- My friend A* was late to lunch, and she had to sit at another table. So my friends and I went to her, and sat at the same table, so that she wouldn’t be lonely. G* was trying to finish a worksheet which was supposedly due today. But later she realizes that the paper was not due today. But she finished it just to be sure. The vice principal was walking around the cafeteria with a post-it note on her shirt. My friends and I noticed but we weren’t sure if she knew that the paper was there. We were going to tell her, but we had to read what it said on it. When she came close to us we read that it had something like: Jake’s Lunch 6th Grade. We decided that she might have known about the paper, but when my friend was going to tell her the time was up. But it was so funny……Lol.

English- In English we got new seats because it is a new quarter. My old seat was I’m front of the teacher. Like, literally the front. My desk was the closest to her desk. I had okay neighbors. D* was one of them, and he is someone who takes dares. He will literally dance when the teacher is not looking. He will do the worm, disco, and other dance moves. He will do the craziest things and won’t get caught! But he is super quiet, but he can be super funny. The side of the room which I used to sit was super funny. But my new spot has me surrounded by boys. But I think I am already pretty good firms with most of them, and some other friends of mine sit next to me too. Instead of the front of the class room,I sit in the middle. Sometimes I feel claustrophobic because I am in the center of my row and the guys take up so much space. But I will get used to it. In class we learned some facts about mythology and learned myths from all over the world. It was fun.

World Cultures- We had to do a drill, and stuff. We looked at some posters and gathered information about Mexico and Argentina. My group’s poster had A*’s name written in a very funny way, and everyone was laughing about it. But besides that, it was quite normal.

Tech Ed.- We were supposed to play this one keyboarding game, but it was unsuccessful, so we had to play another game. The games are quite easy for me for I already know how to type quickly without looking at the keyboard. 🙂 *accomplishment* Then we had to look up stuff on different types of engineers. B* was upset because the engineer he chose had a low salary. I told him he as heartless to think like that, and life is not always about money. But he ignored me. Oh well. Then we had to leave five minutes early t collect fund-raiser stuff.

That was my day. It was your average day with a couple of things here and there. But overall, not bad.

Sketch Time

I was super bored today so I sketched some things using some apps. I decided to post them here. 🙂 please ignore my bad artistic skills…








Remember that I am going to be doing a Q&A post on December 22 or so. I am asking you all to write me any question. You have until December 21 to write me questions at But here are some rules:
1. Cannot be inappropriate. If it is, then I will automatically delete the email.
That is all I can actually think of… yeah.


I wanted to say thank you to Massie Block Love for telling me that my previous blog post was featured on the  Alpha Worthy Articles Page! 🙂 Thank You!

And please ask me questions! It would be awesome if you did. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!



2 thoughts on “Joy to the World

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adding a little bit of everything to your blog not only makes it more interesting to read but I find it makes it more enjoyable to post about too. Can’t wait to see how it goes for you!
    Lucky about the expecting of snow, I am patiently waiting for it to snow over here in England, I can’t wait for it to do so.
    Your lessons sound pretty easy going as well as interesting, its interesting how school is so different in different countries.
    The sketches on the apps were very creative!
    New post on my blog, ♚Lovely Lark, be sure to check it out if you’re interested in my Fall Favourites.
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. P,
    Your day sounds like it went quite well! The painting in art class sound like they were fun to make even if you got a little messy making them. Haha the thing about your vice principal and the sticky note is quite funny :] The Q&A sounds fun!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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