I Knew You Were Trouble…


I am currently typing to you all from my iPod as I am watching my brothers go to sleep. So far they have not close their eyes yet. This makes me a bit worried, but I know that by the end of the night they will be sound asleep.

Today’s post will be about my day today. 🙂

February 5, 2013

This morning I woke up pretty early and got ready. My parents weren’t feeling well, so I brought them some iced tea to drink and they soon came downstairs to eat breakfast. After a while I stayed outside, waiting for my bus. The bus didn’t come until around 7:51 AM. Then I just sat down and waited for the day to begin.

Homeroom– During Homeroom we had to complete a drill. I knew that later on during the mod our class would be taking a benchmark. Trin, who was sitting next next to me, was redoing her homework because she had done her homework in pen. You are supposed to do your homework in pencil, otherwise it will not be graded. We were talking about the the benchmark. We both we’re really scared and didn’t want to take it, but we were confident.

Math– Math was a mod filled hard work, as all of the students were working hard to complete the benchmark. I hate very dislike benchmarks. They are so long! This benchmark was different because there were questions which we have never discussed about! But looking at my grade now, I got a hundred. WOW! I am so surprised.

Science– Our class had to go to the library to work on a packet. We had to work with computers to complete this packet. Dori and I sat next to eachother and worked on the packet. I finished the packet before Dori, so I did a happy dance and Dori was jealous. 😛 but almost two minutes later she finished.

There was this one moment when everyone was taking pictures on their computers. Pearl started it, and these snapshot noises began clicking. Then the whole class started to click the snapshot button. It was really funny. Our teacher came in earlier and asked us what we were doing. We all said the same thing: nothing. Haha.

Orchestra – In Orchestra we spent most of the class talking about bad habits that we were beginning to slowly creating. Then we played the D major and C major scale. And Mr.C promised us we would watch “Finding Nemo” for one class. Yippee!

Guess what happened today? My viola case handle broke! AGAIN! I am so sick of it constantly breaking, I have to go to the music store soon.

Lunch– Nothing much happened during lunch. I talked to friends and stuff. But Hanna and Momo were fighting in Korean and Japanese. It was really funny!! 🙂

English– Today we did simple work. We had to recite poems, and do worksheets.

But what was really funny was what happened at the end of class. I talked to my friends. I told Bruce about what had happened in Orchestra and he told me he would sneak into my class just to watch it. Hahah. I don’t remember what else happened except that Bruce had “enslaved me with his sword.” Haha .

World Cultures– We were learning about Gandhi and we had to watch scenes from a movie and answer some questions. The movie was kind of scary and sad… But it was a nice movie. Aparrently Gandhi is my teacher’s boyfriend. Haha. Oh Mrs.S.

Gym– We had to to go to the weight room and lift some weights and do some excersizing. It wasn’t really much.

After the last bell rang, I ran to my locker and left school to catch my bus.

That was my day. 🙂 tell me how your day was in the comments below. 🙂

This was a shot post, and please forgive me that. I feel like I say that for every post, but it is true that I am quite busy these days. My schedule for posting has been very off.

Well, this is my post. 🙂



2 thoughts on “I Knew You Were Trouble…

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. How sweet of you to take your parents so iced tea when they weren’t feeling well, I’m sure they appreciated it. Maths doesn’t sound too fun at all since it was hard-work but at least you got a good grade, so well done! On the other hand, Science sounds like a ton of fun playing around with the snapshots. That’s lucky that your teacher promised you’d watch Finding Nemo, such a classic film.
    Sorry to hear your Viola case handle broke again, hopefully it won’t break again.
    Heart the gifs included in the post!
    By the way, new post, ♚Unintentionally Unavoidable be sure to check it out!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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