Hair Cut


As you know, almost every week now I post pictures from my week and write a small sentence or two about it. I know it gets boring after a while, but I promise better posts will be coming soon. Oh well, anyways shall we start?


To start off with some interesting thing from this week, I got a hair cut. My hair was extremely long, and I got seven inches cut off! It was such a relief. And I won’t lie, I love long hair but it is kind of stressful caring for it. My hair now I shorter but still long enough to put into a pony tail.
Here is a before and after picture.


After the haircut, my mother and I bought Chipotle for dinner. It was delicious. 🍲


I got a vegetarian mixed bowl, and it was delicious. 😋

The next day, my mom gave me a rise she got for National Women’s Day.

It was a beautiful rose. And of course I took a bunch if selfies with the rose.

I swear I am not eating the flower, I am smelling it. 🌹

Then yesterday I went ice skating for my friends birthday. I sadly didn’t get to take many pictures, but I took some of her pet hamster! 🐹

Isn’t he adorable!

Well that was my week. We shall see what happens next week.
I have to go now, my body is aching from falling and laughing when ice skating.

Until next time,


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